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Dir: Eóin Heaney. 2023. Film 50'

M/S is an experimental film that explores the representation of illness and the radical possibilities of love, care and dying on your own terms. The film draws on director Eóin Heaney's seventeen years of experience as primary carer for his mother, Susan Heaney, who suffers from multiple sclerosis and the project is co-authored with Susan.

By examining the intricate and nuanced relationship between patient and caregiver the film highlights the ways in which caregiving can be a reciprocal, traumatic and transformative experience. 

Dir: Damian Farrell and Gerry Hoban. 2023. Short Film 17'

‘Shakes Versus Shav’ is a madcap puppet film featuring the voices of Colm Meaney and Derek Jacobi. It is based on the last play completed by legendary Irish playwright and Nobel Prizewinner, George Bernard Shaw. In a knockabout Punch & Judy style, Shaw himself battles it out with William Shakespeare in a war of words to decide who is the greater writer. 

Dir: Luca Truffarelli and Justine Doswell. 2022. Short Dance Film 7'

Grief, loss, despair, transformation and a collective call for hope are explored in this film choreographed by Justine Doswell with dance artists Salma Ataya, Justine Cooper, Millie Daniel-Dempsey, Oran Leong and Emily Kilkenny Roddy to the music of Leonard Cohen sung by Mary Coughlan.

Gilead 2.jpg
Dir: Sinéad Murphy. 2020. Short Film

Haunted by visions, a young woman revisits an abusive past seeking to expel inner demons and put an end to her torment.

Dir: Eoin Heaney. 2019. Short Film

Spirit Level examines the legacy of sectarian violence in Northern Ireland through the off balanced relationship between film and history, exploring a multiplicity of ways in which film can depict, contest, reinforce or subvert historical understanding. Using Seamus Heaney's poem Mycenae Lookoutas a touchstone, Spirit Level broadens the focus from 'history', the study of past events, to 'memory', the process by which individuals and generations attach meaning to the past. Approached through cinematic techniques and drama therapy this film acknowledges how the significance of the historical film lies less in its empirical qualities than in its powerful capacity to influence public thinking and discourse about the past, whether by shaping collective memory, popular history and social memory, or by retrieving suppressed or marginalized histories.

Funded by the Arts Council of Ireland

Dir: Sinéad Murphy. 2019. Short Film

A new mother's joy at moving into her dream house with her family soon turns to horror. She rapidly descends into a murky mire of suspicion and madness, making her question her sanity. Is she losing her mind or is there something more sinister at work?

PHOTO Hall knife.jpg
Dir: Elaine Gallagher. 2016. Short Film

"Reel: Irish Women" is a semi-fictional short film depicting the prominent role of women in the 1916 Rising and how this role was erased from history.

Shot in the newsreel style of the day "Reel Irish Women" captures the actions of the many women who took part in the Rising and examines how and why they were subsequently removed from the narrative history chose to tell.

Reel: Irish Women Trailer

Dir: Eoin Heaney. 2016. Short Film

Short Film based on the cult Gothic Novel, Melmoth the Wanderer is a macabre tale of fear, passion, redemption and the never-ending search for immortality.

Dir: Mary Keane. 2015. Dance Film

A world travelled backpacker wrongly detained and a computer whizz kid anxious to depart share time in the Airport Terminal - but how much time…?

A Short Film that blends the art of traditional Irish dancing, sean-nós and contemporary dance.

Dir: Eoin Heaney. 2014. Highly Stimulating Productions. Dance Film

Inspired by the work of Eadweard Muybridge, Turning is a dance film exploring the cyclical nature and repetitive behavior of contemporary Irish society.

Dir: Damien Dune. 2013.  Highly Stimulating Productions. Short Film

The Swing is a coming of age story about two brothers who share an experience that changes them forever. 


- Winner Best Short Film 13 and plus, Carrousel International Film Festival Rimouski, Québec, 20014

- Winner Best First New Short Galway Film Fleadh 2014.

- Winner Best Short Film, First Time Director, Sky Road Film Festival 2014.


Dir: Eoin Heaney. 2013.  Highly Stimulating Productions. Music Video

Music Video. Band: Radio Room

Dir: Eoin Heaney. 2012.  Highly Stimulating Productions. Short Film

When Lisa realises that her boyfriend is developing the photos she took she is faces with a difficult decision.


Darkroom. Teaser

Dir: Eoin Heaney. 2012.  Highly Stimulating Productions. Music Video

Music Video. Band: Radio Room

Dir: Eoin Heaney. 2011.  Highly Stimulating Productions. Art Film

Foreclosed is an experimental film depicting homes whose previous owners have failed to meet their mortgage payments and thus have been evicted. Now owned by banks, these places bear the marks of sad lives and hasty departures. This project is about suggesting ambiguity and isolation in contemporary suburbia through a style of pictorial effects. Like a benign but creepy surveillance aficionado, a private eye of domestic disarray, the camera moves silently and deliberately among the eerily lit rooms observing the few vestigial reminders and suggests the inhabitants’ failures.

Most tantalizing is the question of who lived in these houses, yet anonymity is one of the most redolent themes in the film. I do not want to show any sign of judgment on my subjects, I rather wish to turn the banal into something beautiful. With the exclusion of any exterior or ‘establishing’ shots these unpeopled scenes should create tension, a menacing air of expectancy but at the same time also exude comfort and even warmth.

Foreclosed. Teaser

Dir: Eoin Heaney. 2011.  Highly Stimulating Productions. Music Video

Music Video. Band: Norabelle

Dir: Elaine Gallagher. 2011.  Short Film

Competing at a feis, a young girl demonstrates her grá for Irish dancing. An Rinceoir (The Dancer) is a short film, produced by Underground Films and funded by the Irish Film Board, under the Short Shorts scheme. 

An Rinceoir. Full movie

Dir: Eoin Heaney. 2011.  Highly Stimulating Productions. Music Video

Music Video. Band: Liz Is Evil

Dir: Brain Fog Collective. 2007.  Short Film

A Short film depicting a very special love story.

Dir: Mary Keane. 2007. Dance Film

A dance short film about having no choices and taking decissions

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