Fernando attended the “ Centre d'Estudis Cinematografics de Catalunya” in Barcelona where he majored in film editing in 1997 and has been based in Dublin since 2004.


He has a long experience in documentaries and factual television and has a special interest in human rights, science and arts.



RTÉ One will broadcast the first episode of “The Island: 1.8 Billion Years in the Making” on Sunday 11th September at 6.30pm.
"Is there balm in Gilead" will be show in the IFI on Monday 11th of July as part of the Festival of Irish Coreography.
Part 1 of "Ireland's Dirty Laundry"
will be shown on March 2 on RTÉ One at 21:30. Part 2 on March 9.
"Spirit Level" will be shown in the Dublin Film Festival on February 24th